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Plate & Gaskets

Plate Selection.

Provide the following information to our THS sales team for a quote at Contact THS SERVICE or 905-831-4963.

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    Media Type

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    Pressure & Temperature

Material & Thickness

The most common material for plates is 304 or 316 Stainless Steel and Titanium in a (.4mm)*, (.5mm) or (.6mm) thickness. Also available in SMO 254, Alloy C276, C22 and Nickel 200.
*Service is not available on (.4mm) plates. Since these plates are quite thin and damage easily, tightening tends to deform the plate channel not allowing the gaskets to seal properly which will cause the PHE to leak. When service is required on PHE’s with (.4mm) plates THS highly suggests upgrading to (.5mm) or higher.

Double Wall Plates

Double wall plates provide double the security against liquids intermixing in the event of a plate rupture. Consisting of two identical plates laser welded together, leaving a thin air gap between the plates acting as a safety zone in case either of the plates were to fail. In the case of failure, one of the two fluids would leak through the first plate preventing it from going any further due to the air gap and the second plate. The leak would be seen externally on the heat exchanger. This design offers maximum safety against cross contamination.

Typical applications include:

Transformer Oil Cooling – Water / Oil mixture can result in severe damage to transformer

Chemical Processes – Intermixing can cause contamination, explosions, chemical reactions, corrosion

Potable Water Heating – Distributing heat generated in a centralized location for residential and commercial heating requirements such as space heating and water heating, intermixing could scald, pollute tap water

Type (Standard)

  • Starter
    A full gasket seals all the ports diverting the media directly into the ports and not across the plate.
  • Flow
    Multiple plates with alternating gaskets compressed together to create a plate pack. Hot and cold media alternates through open channels transferring heat. The amount of flow plates in the heat exchanger are determined by the size of the heat transfer surface required.
  • Partition
    Typically found in multi-pass configurations, made of solid carbon steel.
  • Transition
    Added to the plate pack to prevent media from making contact with the partition or pressure plate.
  • End
    The end plate is blank without port holes reversing the media back through the plate pack. Multiple pass plates have only two holes for redirecting the media.

Theta Pattern

High Theta Pattern

  • High turbulent flow
  • High heat transfer coefficient
  • Perfect temperature approach
  • High pressure drop

Low Theta Pattern

  • Low turbulent flow
  • Low heat transfer coefficient
  • High temperature approach
  • Low pressure drop


As a heat exchanger becomes fouled with dirt, debris or scale, often the modulating valve provides additional hot or cold liquid to help compensate for the loss of efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Over time the control valve will continue to open fully. Unfortunately, on the hottest or coldest days, even with the valve fully open the heat exchanger cannot meet the thermal transfer requirements and the situation becomes critical.

Monitoring just the operating temperature provides a false sense of security. Recording the difference in the outlet and inlet pressures provides a more accurate result of the amount of fouling.

Fouling equal to the thickness of a piece of paper represents a 20% loss of thermal efficiency. In addition, the energy cost for pumps increases since the pump must work harder to overcome the increased pressure resistance through the PHE

Universal Heat Transfer Products (UHTP), a division of T.H. Industrial Solutions Inc. (THS) has been servicing industrial plate and frame heat exchangers as with shell and tube heat exchangers.  Professionally solving process problems across Canada since 2009. THS head office is located in Pickering, Ontario with a 6,000 square foot service center in Hamilton, Ontario.

Our Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services, along with heat exchanger gasket replacement systems, and knowledge of heat exchanger gasket materials make THS your Industrial Heat Exchanger Service Solution

Today there are fewer qualified people in this industry that know the products and understand the applications. Utilizing hands on experience and knowledge that has been gained by our THS sales and service technicians for over the past 30 years, we will take the time to understand what you require and strive to provide a prompt, educated and accurate response at a competitive price.


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